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masturbaters's Journal

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- To make sure that anyone can post regardless of age, at no point in any journal entry or comment will age become a factor or a topic of discussion. It will not be mentioned or even hinted at and should in no way be used for anything in this community. There is an unknown number of people under the age of 18 here and the idea that a 45 year old is wanking off to a 14 year old talking about her experience is enough to disgust the majority of us and is about enough to get you banned.

- This is an adult themed website but is no way an amature porn site for diluted and perverted scum to come and drool over. Vulgar pictures will not be directly posted in any posts to gurantee that no person who wants the option of wanting to see it or not involuntarily see's it. Linking is the only acceptable alternative and the only exception are icon's. I have no control over a user's icon's and will not ban a member for their icon.

- Masturbation is a personal issue that is freely discussed. Cybering, however, is not. We do not publicly ask nor advertise ourselves off to be someone's focus for wacking his pud. If you want to cyber, ask a person personally in a comment or maybe even a nice email.

- Any stories or experiences that you wish to share, whether true, fictional or just a fantasy, are welcomed but pertain to the subject that this community was based off of.

- Religion has no part in this. Masturbation is not a sin, just a simple pleasure.

questions? email me Assemblage23@aol.com or just comment in my journal dejekt

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